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" Built To Last "

I have been involved in residential carpentry since I was 16. I had great teachers, and mentors. there has been a passion instilled in me to do things right for a very long time. I love to create. I love to listen to my customers, and encourage a project that I can put my name on for the future. I have been signing my name on my projects since inception to the carpentry industry. Over the years I was introduced to other phases of residential remodel, and repair. This includes paint, windows, siding, room addition s, carports, patio covers, concrete, and all forms of storm restoration. I have learned that the most important responsibility I have is to consult my customers how to spend their money wisely. This requires constant learning of new products, and applications of energy efficiency. I have training in interior, and exterior remodel, but most of my expertise is in exterior remodel, restoration, and repair. I want my customers for life, So if this interest you please call. It would be my honor to work on your home, and when you brag about your new project, you will mention how much fun it was to trust MitchCo Construction

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